This is a 3 phase program that incorporates coaching, counseling, mindfulness & yoga.  

Phase 1 is counseling centered which looks into your past. 

Phase 2 is coaching which places emphasis on the present and what actions you can do now.

Phase 3 is the maintenance phase where we cover relapse prevention. 

-Continue reading about each phase below-


Phase 1: Counseling centered 


Looking into your past can sound unnerving and it takes a great deal of courage to ask for help. This is an essential part of understanding where you established certain patterns and behaviors. Here we build on your strengths and discover what has worked for you in the past. We also work on unpacking your edges, or experiences that have negatively impacted you. I believe in creating a safe and compassion environment for us to work with your unique life experiences. 



While phase one places more emphasis on your past, coaching is future driven. Such as, what actions can you take right now or today to move you closer to your goals. This can involve homework and other individualized techniques. We will use the understanding from your past to direct you toward your future goals.

Phase 3: Maintenance 

This final stage is where we solidify your new behaviors and develop a plan to prevent relapse of old behavioral patters. Adding new changes can be challenging to sustain. This vital phase provides you with additional support if you are feeling stuck or regress occurs. 

-Counseling and coaching will be done on a weekly basis by phone or by a secure video platform. 

-The time frame for each phase depends on your unique situation. Some phases last longer than others for certain people. We will collaboratively make this decision when to move on to the next phase.

-I require a minimum of a two month commintment to begin.



Yoga is an ancient practice that incorporates breath work, mindfulness & postures. Yoga means to yoke or to unite -unify the body & mind.

This is incorporated in the program because yoga has been a proven method of decreasing depression, anxiety and stress. 

In this program you will be provided with individualized yoga flows that you can do from home. Yoga flows will be provided during all 3 phases.

-If you are not interested in yoga, no worries, we can discuss other forms of safe activity that you can partake in- 

This can be a lot of information. If you have any questions feel free to contact me in the space below.

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