Bye bye burn out

Bye bye burn out

We ALL have felt stress, anxiety, and burn out. If you are stuck in a constant hamster wheel of this nasty cocktail let's talk about some actionable tips, tricks and strategies to get it under control.


1. Start saying NO

2. Who are you doing all of this for?

3. Who you are trying to impress?

4. Are you taking care of your body?

5. Digital burn out=when your phone and feed own you.

Are You Really LIVING?

Are You Really LIVING?

You can put money on it-change and new seasons in life are going to happen. How do you know if you are living a life you actually want?

Are you living an authentic life or are you just going with the flow and getting on with the day to day?

Let's throw basic out the window and live a life filled with intention and authenticity! 

PS-The show is getting a rebrand! Let me know what you think! 

Money Honey Round 2!

Money  Honey Round 2!

Credit cards, car loans, student loans, and on and on it goes. Are you feeling overwhelmed with your debt? Does it keep you up at night yet you continue to spend? I hear you so let's figure out how to clean up this mess together!

Join us as we talk about out debt mistakes and how we are getting out of it to cultivate a life of freedom and financial peace! 

Be sure to listen to the first Money Honey episode in the archive. 

Show Notes

Book recommendations:

The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas Stanley
Your Money or Your Life, Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez


The Simple Path to Wealth, JL Collins


The Dave Ramsey Show

Clark Howard

Website for tracking net worth and finances: Personal Capital

Boundaries or Bust!

"If we don't stand or anything we will fall for everything."

We will get into why boundaries are a must especially with those who hurt us.

We will also get into how to set them and as usual questions and thoughts to think and journal about.

Question 1: What law or narrative have you created that violate or shift your boundaries? 

Question 2: Do you have any relationships that leave you feeling hurt, sad, mad, or misunderstood on a regular basis?

Question 3: What boundaries do you need to sat in place that allow you to live in your truth?